Pixie Kit

This is a Chinese copy of the Pixie TX/RX. You couldn't build it yourself for the price of the kit.  I paid £3.92 including free postage from Hong Kong.

It took about 1 hour to assemble. As normal, sometimes you don't get all of the correct parts with Chinese kits, I got 2 power connectors and 1 jack socket. Good job I had a spare 3.5mm jack socket in the junk box.

Connected a 40m antenna, headphones and a 12v battery supply.

Wow. Signals all over the place (OK, 7.023-7.026Mhz). Power output 800mw.

Audio soundbytes

Listen here to a sample of the audio

I started to play around with this and ended up feeding it into one of the stations computers to perform some DSP. I used HDSR and what an improvement. Listen here to a sample of the audio with DSP



The specifications as advertised are shown below together with circuit diagram, bill of materials and PCB layout.