QRP manual days Antenna Tuner Tune Diy Kit 1 - 30 Mhz

I wanted a quick and easy QRP atu for my up and coming holidays back at casa verde. Something light and easy to use with a bit of wire thrown over some of the many trees up the mountains.


I ordered this off Ebay at a very good price of £9.99. Slightly more expensive than the Chinese located kits as it was in the UK.

Very easy to build and works FB.

The main build problem I had was the 1-12pole switch. When this was mounted and I put the knob on it, one of the securing lugs snapped, ball bearings went flying across the shack floors. Lesson of the day, don't utilise the year at the gym on the weight machines whilst assembling Chinese kits. Replacement switch obtained within a couple of days and we are on the air.


I could have used the parts in my jumk box but at these prices, it's not worth the hassle of routing around under the benches to see what I need.


Withstand Power : <20 W
Input power(Turning): <3 W
LED display
Interface: Q9 type
Operating Frequency: 1-30 MHz
Antenna Interface: Q9 type
Impedance range: about: 30 ~ 300 Ω
Withstand RF power: < 15 W
RF power required(Tuning) : < 3 W